Manufacturing Operations

Manufacturing Facility

Located just 15km from the heart of Colombo, our state of the art production facility allows us to keep up with producing innovative medicines and deliver them nationwide. We are known for generations for we specialize in medicinal advancements in four key areas: General Pharmaceuticals, Penicillin, Consumer and Animal Health. 

All our products are manufactured using internationally sourced raw materials of the highest quality with no compromise. All products are locally manufactured under the required standards of Good Manufacturing Practices of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Ministry of Health Sri Lanka. Most of the pharmaceutical products meet British/ US Pharmacopoeia standards as well. Astron will continue to streamline its business model and deliver strong results and long-term growth.

Manufacturing Operations

Packing Division

At Astron, we are focused and collaborated to produce quality healthcare solutions at an affordable price throughout our manufacturing system while adding value to all the affiliated stakeholders. To do so we are dedicated to maintaining safe automated packing lines with high-quality standards and equipped with well-trained and qualified staff to produce high-quality products on time. 

At Astron Packing, we are united to be a well-connected team in realizing our shared vision. Our packing team is built upon a firm foundation of experienced, knowledgeable, and driven members who support each other in overcoming challenging situations throughout our journey.