Corporate Social Responsibility

Astron is guided by a set of corporate values by which we operate our business. Foremost in our values is our emphasis on people, our business ethics and the quality of our products. Being in the responsible business of providing healthcare products enables us to ensure that our business decisions benefit society.

At Astron we consider people to be our most valuable asset i.e our employees, customers, distributors, other third party stakeholders etc. In this context we treat all people equally and fairly and consider it our responsibility to ensure that they benefit from our operations.

We consider it a responsibility to carry out our business in an ethical manner, by striving to do the right thing, benefiting the society in which we operate. We therefore have a strict code of conduct by which all employees are guided to achieve this.

Corporate Social Responsibility

A Few of Our Initiatives

CSR Initiatives to combat COVID 19

Two Foot operated sinks (2 units) were donated by Astron Limited to the National Hospital of Sri Lanka on 25th May 2020.The ceremony was graced by Dr....

Astron Donates Playground to the Deaf Childrens' School in Ratmalana

Astron Limited renovated the playground belonging to the  School of the Deaf in Ratmalana for the second time as a part of the Company's CSR init...

Astron Celebrates World Environment Day

On 5th June 2019, Astron celebrated World Environment Day by planting several herbal plants within the Company premises and also donated many valuable...

We believe that the supply of high quality healthcare products at affordable prices assists in uplifting the wellbeing of society. Working towards this, we strive to obtain the best materials, use good manufacturing practices, store our products as required, whilst at the same time achieving these objectives at the lowest possible costs, which is filtered down to our customers who are the ultimate beneficiaries of these efforts.

In our efforts to uplift the wellbeing of society it is necessary to invest in those who do not benefit from our business directly as well. To facilitate access of our healthcare products to those who cannot obtain it directly, we make contributions to healthcare camps, groups of people and individuals. We also create opportunities for educational purposes and economic development in Sri Lanka where possible. This is carried out by supporting specific local programmes and assisting specific individuals who may require the same. We also assist in community and individual development projects. Our support includes contributions of time, funds, expertise and our products.